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Some of the most common types of body pain can be successfully treated in our clinic in Spring Hill, Brisbane.

Learning about your particular body pain can be helpful for patients dealing with a persisting problem. Information is provided here regarding the cause, treatment and prevention of a number of common pain conditions. Dr Homan believes that it is critical for patients to understand their condition and the management options that are available to them.


neck pain, headache & migraine

Solve the problem: muscular overload drives the majority of neck pain and headaches in our modern lives. Frequent flexed postures whilst operating a computer / smart phone / car shorten up the front of our chests and leave our heads and shoulders slumped forward. The muscles on the back of our neck and upper back get overloaded as they try and stop our head falling forward under the influence of gravity. 


Degenerative knee pain can be intrusive and may ultimately necessitate joint replacement surgery. Regenerative knee joint injections can offer an effective therapeutic option for patients with mild, moderate or even severe knee joint arthritis. Options include Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) from patient’s own blood and Glucose Prolotherapy using a strong sugar solution. Both of these injections aim to stimulate an enhanced healing response in the knee joint to reduce pain and improve function.

low back pain

There can be many factors that contribute to low back pain. Effective treatment generally improves the mechanics of the low back and/or the signalling of the nerves. Although low back pain is extremely common, blood tests and imaging are rarely helpful in its diagnosis or treatment.

disc prolapse & sciatica

Sciatic (leg) pain is often caused by a disc injury irritating the spinal nerves. Unlike most back pain, MRI investigation and CT-guided injections can be very helpful in relieving spinal pain that refers down the leg.

shoulder pain

The shoulder joint is arguably the most sophisticated joint in the body, combining a whole hemisphere of movement with the power to throw a javelin. The commonest causes of shoulder pain relate to problems with the small rotator cuff muscles. Whilst steroid injections can temporarily settle pain, it is critical to also address the underlying muscle imbalances to achieve lasting improvement. This also applies to subacromial bursitis and frozen shoulder.

Trochanteric Bursitis

(Lateral Hip Pain or Glute Medius Tendinopathy)

Lateral hip pain is a condition that most commonly affects women over 50. They are at higher risk because of their wider hips, as well as their weaker fibrous tissues after menopause. The pain is related to compressive overload of the tendon of the gluteus medius muscle – one of the hip balancing muscles. Symptoms typically last for years without effective intervention – with 80% of patients still experiencing pain after 5 years.

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